Past Reviews by Author

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NOTE: some books marked Clean might actually be PG since I reviewed before deciding on that rating system. PG simply means closed door sex, so mostly clean. 

Abramson, Traci Hunter-- Chances Are (Clean, Contemporary, Medical)
Abrasion, Traci Hunter--Royal Target (Romantic Suspense, Royalty)
Anderson, Rachel--Prejudice Meets Pride(Contemporary, Clean)
Anderson, Rachel--The Reluctant Bachelorette (Contemporary, Clean, Reality TV)
Armstrong, Lindzee--First Love, Second Choice (Contemporary, Clean)
Armstrong, Lindzee--Cupcakes and Cowboys (Contemporary, Cowboys, Clean)
Armstrong, Lindzee--Kiss Me in the Rain (Contemporary, Clean, Mansions)

Bishop, Ev--New Year's Resolution: One to Keep (Contemporary, PG-13, closed door)
Bishop, Ev--Wedding Bands: River's Sigh B&B #1 (Contemporary, PG)
Bishop, Ev--Hooked: River's Sigh B&B #2 (Contemporary, PG)

Cassidy, Carla--Cowboy with a Cause (Contemporary, Cowboy, Romantic Suspense)
Cassie Mae--The Princess and the Pizza Man (Contemporary, Clean, Mansions)
Checketts, Cami--The Independent One (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire)
Checketts, Cami--Oh, Come On-Be Faithful (Holiday, Contemporary, Suspense, Clean)
Checketts, Cami--Running from the Cowboy (Contemporary, Cowboy, Clean)
Checketts, Cami--Terror and Tenderness Boxed Set (Contemporary, Suspense, Clean, Sets and Sequels)
Checketts, Cami--Caribbean Rescue (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire, Romantic Suspense)
Checketts, Cami--The Protective One (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire, Romantic Suspense)
Checketts, Cami--Cozumel Escape (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire, Romantic Suspense)
Checketts, Cami--The Resilient One (Contemporary, clean, billionaire)
Checketts, Cami--The Reluctant Rescue (Contemporary, clean, Firemen)
Checketts, Cami--Cancun Getaway (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire)
Checketts, Cami--Saving Sycamore Bay (Contemporary, Clean, Mansions)
Checketts, Cami--Romancing the Singer (Contemporary, Clean, Snow Valley)

Deleon, Jana--Louisiana Longshot (Contemporary, Suspense, Humor, Federal Agency)
Dineen, Whitney--She Sins At Midnight (Contemporary, Humor, Clean/PG-13)
Duke, Regina--The Wedding Wager (Contemporary, Billionaire)


Feldman, Christine S--Pastels & Jingle Bells (Clean, Contemporary, Short)
Ferguson, Danyelle--Sweet Confections (Contemporary, Clean, Romantic Suspense, Sports)
Fichera, Liz--Hooked (YA, Multicultural)
Fichera, Liz--Played (YA, Multicultural)
Ford, Julie--Home Matters (Contemporary, Clean, Reality TV)
Fred, Beth--Fate of a Marlowe Girl (Contemporary, Clean)

Gaffney, K M--The Guarded Widow (Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Cops, PG-14)
Grace, Lorin--Mending Fences (Contemporary, Clean, Mansions, Friends/Billionaire)

Hatch, Marcy--West of Paradise (Science Fiction, Western, Time travel)
Heiner, Tamara Hart--Lay Me Down(YA, Paranormal, Clean)
Heiner, Tamara Hart--Priceless (YA, Suspense, Clean)
Host, Andrea K--Touchstone Series: Stray, Lab Rat One, Caszandra (science fiction/fantasy romance, paranormal, series)

Isaacson, Liz--Second Chance Ranch (Contemporary, Cowboys, Clean)
Isaacson, Liz--Third Time's the Charm (Contemporary, Cowboys, Clean)
Isaacson, Liz--Fourth and Long (Contemporary, Cowboys, Clean)

Johnson, Elana--Until Summer Ends (Contemporary)

Keniston, Chris--Adam (Clean, Cowboys, Contemporary, Series)

Lennox, Marion--Christmas Down Under (Christmas, Contemporary)
Lewis, Jeanette--The Rebellious One (Billionaire, Contemporary)
Lieske, Victorine E--Acting Married (Contemporary, Hollywood)

McConnell, Lucy--The Academic Bride (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire)
McConnell, Lucy--The Reclusive Billionaire (Contemporary, Clean, Billionaire, Short)
Michaels, Alicia--Bellamy and the Brute (Contemporary, Clean, Suspense)
Morgan, Leeanna--Sealed with a Kiss--(Contemporary, Billionaire, Suspense, PG)
Morgan, Rachel--The Trouble With Flying (Contemporary, Clean)

Neeley, Robyn--Batter Up (Contemporary, PG-13, Closed door)
Nolfi, Christine--Treasure Me (Contemporary)

O'Brien, Kathleen--The Billionaire's Heart (Contemporary, Closed Door, Destination)
Oram, Jean--Whiskey and Gumdrops (Best friends, Contemporary, Clean)
Oram, Jean--Rum and Raindrops (Contemporary, Clean)

Pennington, Michelle--Candid (YA, Contemporary, Clean)


Rallison, Janette--The Girl Who Heard Demons (YA, Paranormal, Clean)
Ruggle, Katie--Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue Series (Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Contains scenes)
Roozenboom, S.B.--Predator Girl (YA, Paranormal)

Shea, K M--Beauty and the Beast (Fairy Tale, Clean)

Tullis, Heather--First Crush (Contemporary, Clean)
Tullis, Heather--SEALed with Love (Contemporary, Clean, Military Men, Series)
Tefft, Cyndi--Between (Paranormal?)



Waters, MD--Archetype (Science Fiction, Dystopian)
Waters, MD--Prototype (Science Fiction, Dystopian)
Whitney, Lucinda--Love Me At Sunset (Contemporary, Clean, Mansions)




Collections/Multiple Authors

Sweet Tea and Kisses (Contemporary, Clean, Atlanta)
Christmas in Snow Valley (Contemporary, Clean)
Summer in Snow Valley (Contemporary, Clean)
Spring in Snow Valley (Contemporary, Clean)
Of Love and Magic (Paranormal-angels, YA, Clean)
Five Magic Spindles (Fairy Tale Twists)
Kisses Between the Lines: Echo Ridge #2 (Contemporary, Clean, Small town NY)
Silver Screen Kisses: Echo Ridge #3 (Contemporary, Clean, Small town NY)
Breathtaking (Contemporary, Clean, Romantic Suspense)